Security and intelligence agencies involved in a major fashion fraud

In India security and intelligence agencies are involved in a major fraud judging the education and wealth of a person based on her appearance, clothes she wears and the fashion style.
While this way of judging women may be applicable to women who are married to wealthy and powerful men, this method of judging women is extremely unfair to educated and financially independent women who may not care or have time for purchasing expensive clothes.
Just because a woman is ugly, not well groomed and not fashionable, indian intelligence and security agencies officials will harass, defame, torture her with microwave weapons, causing great pain, trying to murder her especially if she is a domain investor
The government has promoted the slogal Beti Padao, Beti bachao, however indian intelligence and security agencies in goa are ruthless in stalking and trying to murder educated indian women, particularly women engineers to steal her resume for google, tata sponsored goan sex worker, fraud R&AW/CBI/indian intelligence employees.

Humiliation to cause mental stress

Though R&AW has recruited goan sex workers slim westernized goan obc bhandari slut sunaina chodnekar, 2013 bsc, goan gsb fraud diploma holder siddhi mandrekar only for having SEX with top cbi, ntro, government officials, to defame, humiliate, cause mental stress to the real domain investor, google, tata, indian government, cbi, ntro are allegedly falsely claiming that the call girl R&AW employees who never answered JEE have the btech 1993 ee degree, investment, resume of the domain investor and google competitor
Google is involved in sex trade in india falsely claiming sex workers, call girls are online experts when they do no work online, only have sex with officials who will stalk, torture a google competitor to deny her the income and opportunities she deserved . Why is the iit kharagpur 1993 gold medalist sundar pichai led google so ruthless and shameless in promoting goan CALL GIRLS and other frauds as online experts when they do no work online at all and are least interested in working or investing money online

Cruel NTRO officials again cause insomnia

Not satisfied with stealing the resume of India’s largest female domain investor for 10 lazy greedy goan sex workers, cheater housewives and other frauds to get all these google, tata sponsored FRAUDS lucrative R&AW/CBI/indian intelligence jobs with monthly salary of more than Rs 20000 each, the ntro officials in goa are ruthless in stalking the domain investor and misusing expensive ntro equipment to cause insomnia.’
The problem was again faced on 6 November 2016, as the officials promoting goan sex workers R&AW employees slim goan obc bhandari sunaina chodnekar 2013 bsc, goan gsb fraud siddhi mandrekar, goan gsb fraud cbi employee housewife riddhi nayak, shivalli brahmin fraud nayanshree hathwar and others again woke up the domain investor in the middle of the night to punish her for registering a domain name