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Case filed against actress Shilpa Shetty for allegedly cheating in franchise of fitness centre

In the last few years, in india, honesty, skills, intelligence, work ethic does not matter any more, the government only looks at how goodlooking and fit the person is.
Hence people are spending far more on becoming fit, joining gyms and fitness centres.
Many celebrities like Shilpa Shetty are also benefiting from the fitness craze, she started SFL fitness with her husband, Raj Kundra and Kashif Khan.
Now the media reported that a cheating case was filed against Shilpa Shetty, by someone who allegedly paid her Rs 1.51 crore for the franchise.
All the controversy has not affected Shilpa Shetty, she is one of the most popular models for television advertising.

Kannada actor Puneet rajkumar dies of heart attack after gym workout

The Kannada actor Puneet rajkumar, son of actor Rajkumar dies of heart attack after gym workout. He was only 46 years old.
He had spent two hours exercising at the gym and then he had a massive heart attack.
It was not reported whether he had covid-19
It appears that many people who had covid-19 are having health problems later.
Actors and celebrities spend many hours exercising in the gym because the security agencies are targetting citizens who are not fit for harassment, yet they do not realize that exercising can lead to a heart attack.

Though actor siddharth shukla was extremely fit, he died of a heart attack at the age of 40

One of the most shocking deaths of celebrity actors was the death of actor and big boss winner siddharth shukla
Though he was extremely fit, he died of a heart attack at the comparatively young age of 40 in mumbai
the actor had tested covid-19 positive earlier
However he recovered and had resumed his gym routine, and he was considered a fitness fanatic.
Though the hindi news channels focussed on his career, the marathi news channels also discussed the adverse effects of exercising too much to attain the ideal figure resulting in a heart attack.

Hospitalization of Olympic gold medalist Neeraj Chopra shows that even a top athlete will fall sick if their schedule is very hectic

Hospitalization of Olympic gold medalist Neeraj Chopra shows that over exertion can adversely affect the health
The media/rediff reported that Olympic gold medalist Neeraj Chopra was hospitalized in Panipat after he got a high fever on August 17, 2021
This shows that even a very fit and young athlete will fall sick if he has a very hectic schedule with no time to relax
Chopra is employed in the army, and leads a very disciplined life, yet the over exertion, attending many functions,travelling, caused health problems
This again proves that free time is a major luxury for any person, and not having free time to relax can adversely affect a persons health since the person is under great stress
This is why the domain investor is protesting loudly against the government work at home slavery, computer work fraud when the domain investor is alone spending her time doing the computer work, has almost no time for other activities why should she tolerate it when the government is making fake claims about others who do not spend their time doing computer work, lead relaxed lives
Google, tata sponsored raw/cbi employees have never spent any time doing computer work since 2010,lead very stress free and relaxed lives have plenty of free time to lead a good lifestyle yet due to google, tata’s CYBERCRIME, CRIMINAL DEFAMATION RACKET they are getting monthly salaries only for faking bank account, domain ownership at the expense of the hardworking single woman engineer who is spending 8-10 hours daily doing computer work in a case of government slavery showing that google, tata are worse than Taliban in cheating, exploiting hardworking educated single women
when the google, tata sponsored lazy greedy fraud raw/cbi employees are not interested in spending their time doing the computer work, why does the indian, state government, google, tata, indian internet sector want to make fake claims about the frauds criminally defaming the person who is actually doing the computer work, spending time daily

Google, tata’s favorite sindhi scammer school dropout cbi employee naina premchandani takes a morning walk everyday yet indiam , goan government makes fake claims

Though google has awards for women engineers , in india google, along with tata only worships and rewards shameless sindhi scammer school dropouts IMPERSONATING women engineers, like Google, tata’s favorite kolhapur born sindhi scammer school dropout cbi employee naina premchandani who looks like actress sneha wagh, and has rewarded naina and her scammer sons karan, nikhil for her ENGINEERING, BANKING, computer work fraud with monthly government salary
Since google, tata continue to lick the feet of their favorite panaji sindhi scammer school dropout naina for her endless frauds, getting her a monthly government salary for FAKING bank account, naina and scammer family have plenty of free time and money to lead a very good lifestyle
So now tata favorite sindhi scammer is going for a morning walk everyday in the morning wearing a tshirt and track pants at around 7.30 am-8 am , carrying her smartphone with her in the company of a woman living nearby . This again exposes google,tata’s computer work, CYBERCRIME FRAUD, how it is making fake claims about its favorite sindhi scammer schooldropout , when actually she does no computer work and is not an experienced engineer to get her a monthly government salary at the expense of the single woman engineer, the sindhi scammer naina IMPERSONATES

Choosing the Right Door for a Family Member

The most painful thing about getting older is seeing your loved ones struggle with something that normally would be so easy for anyone else. My aunt was the one that I had to watch struggle with every day tasks like opening jars or going up stairs. It was so hard to help her in and out of a shower and in and out of bed. When we decided to start making things easier for her to do, we went with the shower first and looked into shower doors in New Jersey to find something easier for her to use.

I went to the store on my own, looking for anything that would be easy to open and easy to close. The door she had at the time, was a standard open and close door that you use like any other door. Her hand could barely grip the handle to open it and often the door just would close back on her while she’s trying to get into the shower. After I explained this to a sales person, she asked if I was looking for something in particular in the way of the door. I told her that I was willing to do anything as long as it was safe and easy for my aunt to open and close.

She lead me to the frame less sliding doors and explained to me that most handicapped customers they have like these the most. They are easy to get in and out of and they do not make them feel like they are burdening anyone. She explained that they can also have handrails put on the shower to help with stability. As far as the material the shower can be made out of, she suggested acrylic over the other options because it’s strong and easier to keep clean. With all of this knowledge, I made the purchase of sliding doors for my aunt.

After the doors were installed, my aunt raved about how perfect they were for her and how much easier it was for her to go in and out of the shower. She was so happy that she got a small bit of freedom back. She also loved the rails that were put in so she could have something to hold onto if needed.

Water Jetting Fixed the Drain Clogs Quickly

I had a pretty severe blockage in my drain pipes at home. I contacted the water company, thinking they would send someone out to fix it. They told me that because it was my own drain pipe, it was my responsibility. I had no problem with that, but I still thought they could help me. They suggested I contact a plumbing company that does water jetting in Hudson County. The woman I spoke with highly recommended one in particular, so I gave them a call. I explained that I had a clog that would not resolve itself, no matter what I did.

They were able to come out the same day because of the clogging issue, and they did a quick assessment of what was wrong. They had a camera that they were able to snake into the drain pipe, and that is how they saw all the debris that was in there. They suggested water jetting, but I had no idea what that even meant. They explained that they would shoot a stream of water into the pipes. The stream is so powerful that it can cut through things such as concrete and trees too!

I was doubtful until he told me that. He likened the water stream to a laser, and I knew that this was definitely the best way to go with this. Another reason I wanted to go with this option of water jetting is because water is the only thing that would be used. I had already used chemicals that I rarely use, and I was glad when they told me they would not have to use any chemicals either. They did the water jetting, and the clog was undone very quickly. I am so glad that this was taken care of in such an easy way!

Three of Her Trees Were Spreading Disease

The last time I was at my daughter’s house, I noticed that the trees in her backyard were looking a bit beatdown. She told me that they had been having a lot of storms and waved off my concerns. I went back not that long ago, and I knew as soon as I looked at the trees in her yard that something more than heavy storms were the cause of the trees looking the way they did. I contacted a tree company in Hendersonville NC to see if they could come out after my daughter gave me permission to do that.

I told her I would cover the cost because I knew that money was a bit tight for her and the kids. She insisted on paying me back, but I was not worried about that. I just wanted to help my daughter out. The man from the tree company came out and looked at the trees, and he confirmed what I had thought was wrong. Three of the trees were diseased, and they spreading it to others in the area. Thankfully, we had called in time where the others could be saved.

Unfortunately though, he did say that the three trees that were heavily diseased would need to come down if we wanted to save the other trees. He explained how trees spread disease to other trees because their root systems are so close underground. I knew that my daughter was going to be heartbroken to lose the three trees, but I knew it would be worse if we did not have them cut down and she ended up losing all of the trees in her back yard. The tree company took all three trees down, and they even offered some landscaping tips to my daughter that would enhance her remaining trees. Her backyard looks even better now that she has taken their advice!

The Reason We Needed a New Floor

When my husband told me he wanted us to get vinyl flooring installed, I immediately balked at the idea. I had an image of what vinyl flooring looked like, and I wanted nothing to do with it. Thankfully, my husband is not one to give up when he wants something. He went online and did a search for luxury vinyl flooring in Singapore. He then called me over to look at some of the images that came up on his screen. He did not tell me that it was vinyl though! Instead, he asked me what I thought about this flooring instead.

When I looked at the pictures, I immediately knew that it was the flooring that I wanted. When I started to explain to him that I was willing to pay the higher price to have this kind of flooring, he started to laugh. That is when he told me that the flooring I had just approved of was the same he wanted originally. I really could not believe that the flooring I had just looked at was vinyl flooring. When he told me the price of it, I was even more amazed, because I thought the flooring was going to cost a lot more than what he said.

We looked at different patters for the luxury vinyl floors, and we both agreed on the one we wanted. Not only does it look nice, but it is extremely durable too. That is one of the other reasons why I wanted a better floor. We have three kids and several pets in the house, and the floors do take a beating. That is the reason we even started looking at floors, and I am really happy that my husband found us the most durable and inexpensive flooring option that looks amazing.

Customers Are Feeling the Heat

This year was the first year that I needed to have HVAC repair in the Bronx for my business. I have a tax preparation business that helps customers prepare their taxes based on the financial information they give me. My workers and I spend time with the customers, looking over their documents and filling out the necessary forms while figuring out how much they will owe or how much they will get back as a refund. When the air conditioner stopped working, at first it wasn’t that bad, but the rooms in my business began to get hotter.

My employees and I were able to make it to the end of the day, and I contacted a local company to fix the air conditioner. This particular company was recommended to me by another business owner in the area who needed their air conditioner repaired a couple of years ago. They spoke positively of the service that was done for them, so I at least had one good reference to use. I made arrangements for the company to send a worker out to my business to look at the air conditioner after all of my employees went home, which was good because I was expecting to have to wait another day for a fix.

The company workers were able to fix the air conditioner and the next day when my employees came into work, they were relieved to see that cool air was flowing through the vents. My customers came in to get their taxes done, just as they usually do. It’s a good thing that I got it fixed before the big last minute tax rush starts. There will be a lot of customers trying to get their taxes done days before the tax deadline, and they would all be complaining about the heat.