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Molestation at gyms is problem for young women,


Molestation at gyms is problem for young women, reposted from reddit

I don’t know if this is appropriate here but this is honestly our last resort to find help. My friend (21F) got inappropriately touched and forced by her trainer at the gym around a week back. She went home immediately and did not end up telling anyone about it until the next day. She shared the incident with me and even hearing about how broken and traumatized she felt- it shit scared me. I told her to tell her parents as they can help bring things to justice and maybe help file a complaint against the guy. Her parents are extremely orthodox and were not supportive of her joining the gym in the first place. After she told them about the incident – her freakin father blamed her for everything and started panicking about the fact that who is going to accept her now with such attitude and problems with her. Her mom and dad didn’t speak with her for a few days, and we kept trying to talk her into helping to get a complaint filled but she didn’t really have the energy for anything. The day before yesterday – her father told her in the evening that they’ve talked to 2-3 families for marriage as she has graduated and it’s better to tie a knot before something else similar to the recent experience happens. She argued alot, but they are extremely rigid about their decision and wouldn’t budge. They want her to get married before she thinks about getting into college for her masters. She was preparing for some competitive exams and her parents don’t even want her to sit for them now. She is really on the edge of moving out and living on her own because there’s no other solution to that we see. I shared the entire thing with my mom and she feels bad for her but isn’t in for any help. I cannot even begin to express the anger and resentment I’m feeling for these fucking Indian families. We’ve looked out for a few PGs for her and pooled most of our savings but it is still not enough to help her sustain for more than a week. If anybody here can help out with anything – I can’t imagine how immensely it would help her change her life for better. Please please offer some help if you can.