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Assamese gym trainer bandana kalita kills husband and mother in law, disposes bodies in meghalaya

Increasingly people are being murdered by their relatives, friends, murderers are trying to get rid of the body of the victim, so that no case is filed and they are not punished.
In the shradda walkar case, aftab poonawala almost got away because he isolated shraddha completely
It appears to have inspired a large number of similar murders worldwide
In almost a similar case, ssamese gym trainer bandana kalita killed husband and mother in law in July and later last years, disposes bodies in meghalaya
Though a relative and bandana kalita filed a missing person complaint and when police started investigating the case they could not find any clues. The case was reopened in February, after some money was withdrawn from the bank account. After an investigation it was found that Assamese gym trainer bandana kalita first killed her mother in law a retired government employee with the help of her boyfriends, lovers and got rid of the body in meghalaya
Later she killed her husband and also got rid of his body in meghalaya, the neighboring state and filed a missing complaint so that there would be no suspicion
The husband had a lot of property and had good rental income, so it was a motivation to kill the husband
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