Assamese gym trainer bandana kalita kills husband and mother in law, disposes bodies in meghalaya

Increasingly people are being murdered by their relatives, friends, murderers are trying to get rid of the body of the victim, so that no case is filed and they are not punished.
In the shradda walkar case, aftab poonawala almost got away because he isolated shraddha completely
It appears to have inspired a large number of similar murders worldwide
In almost a similar case, ssamese gym trainer bandana kalita killed husband and mother in law in July and later last years, disposes bodies in meghalaya
Though a relative and bandana kalita filed a missing person complaint and when police started investigating the case they could not find any clues. The case was reopened in February, after some money was withdrawn from the bank account. After an investigation it was found that Assamese gym trainer bandana kalita first killed her mother in law a retired government employee with the help of her boyfriends, lovers and got rid of the body in meghalaya
Later she killed her husband and also got rid of his body in meghalaya, the neighboring state and filed a missing complaint so that there would be no suspicion
The husband had a lot of property and had good rental income, so it was a motivation to kill the husband
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Gym trainers like Riyaz Khan can be easily identified from their physique

Urvashi vaishnav from Koparkhairane was allegedly murdered by a gym trainer, Riyaz Khan from Govandi after an affair
after the shraddha walkar case, now the media reported that a 27 year old woman, Urvashi vaishnav , a bar worker from Koparkhairane, Navi Mumbai was was allegedly murdered by Riyaz Khan from Govandi.The dead body was dumped in Neral, near Matheran
The police who recovered the dead body used the footwear to identify the body.
It appears that the sandals which Urvashi wore were fairly new and had the tag of the brand which manufactured it.
There were only a few shops selling the sandals, so the police could easily locate the shop.
After checking the shoe shop CCTV footage, the police identified Urvashi purchasing the sandals, along with her boyfriend Riyaz Khan
From his physique the police guessed that Riyaz Khan was a gym trainer, and found that he was working with a gym in Ghansoli
It appears that Urvashi was pressurizing Riyaz Khan to marry her, though he already had 3 wives
So with the help of a friend, Riyaz Khan, strangled Urvashi with a rope in a moving car, and dumped the body at Neral.

Actress Dovaleena Bhattarcharjee gets message “rest in fridge” after marrying muslim gym trainer Shaikh


It appears that the death of Shraddha Walkar has attracted a lot of media attention and also people are very interested in it. People who have interfaith marriages are being harassed, it is considered a case of love jihad by some
Recently the TV actress Dovaleena Bhattarcharjee who looks very similar to sindhi scammer school dropout cbi employee domain fraudster naina premchandani married her Muslim Gym trainer Shahanawaz Shaikh
Since the Aftab Poonawala, Shraddha walkar murder case, in which the body of Shraddha walkar was kept in a fridge after the murder, was covered widely in the mainstream media, it appears that on social media, many people commented on the marriage , leaving messages, rest in fridge
Some celebrities, especially actresses and models get married to their gym trainers since they spend a lot of time with them.

Molestation at gyms is problem for young women,


Molestation at gyms is problem for young women, reposted from reddit

I don’t know if this is appropriate here but this is honestly our last resort to find help. My friend (21F) got inappropriately touched and forced by her trainer at the gym around a week back. She went home immediately and did not end up telling anyone about it until the next day. She shared the incident with me and even hearing about how broken and traumatized she felt- it shit scared me. I told her to tell her parents as they can help bring things to justice and maybe help file a complaint against the guy. Her parents are extremely orthodox and were not supportive of her joining the gym in the first place. After she told them about the incident – her freakin father blamed her for everything and started panicking about the fact that who is going to accept her now with such attitude and problems with her. Her mom and dad didn’t speak with her for a few days, and we kept trying to talk her into helping to get a complaint filled but she didn’t really have the energy for anything. The day before yesterday – her father told her in the evening that they’ve talked to 2-3 families for marriage as she has graduated and it’s better to tie a knot before something else similar to the recent experience happens. She argued alot, but they are extremely rigid about their decision and wouldn’t budge. They want her to get married before she thinks about getting into college for her masters. She was preparing for some competitive exams and her parents don’t even want her to sit for them now. She is really on the edge of moving out and living on her own because there’s no other solution to that we see. I shared the entire thing with my mom and she feels bad for her but isn’t in for any help. I cannot even begin to express the anger and resentment I’m feeling for these fucking Indian families. We’ve looked out for a few PGs for her and pooled most of our savings but it is still not enough to help her sustain for more than a week. If anybody here can help out with anything – I can’t imagine how immensely it would help her change her life for better. Please please offer some help if you can.

How to prevent deodorant used while sweating from clumping


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Many people sweat profusely especially during summer when temperatures are high, and when they exercise. The bacteria feed on the sweat resulting in an unpleasant or foul odor. To mask this odor, most people are using deodorants , which are applied to the areas where they sweat the most like the underarms and neck. In some cases, the deodorant applied may clump resulting in white or other stains or marks on the clothes and skin. This clumps are very noticeable on dark colored clothing so many people would like to find out Why Does My Deodorant Clump, and what they can do to prevent the deodorant from clumping.

The deodorant clumping depends to some extent on the type of deodorant which is being used. Deodorants are usually available in three different forms, sprays, sticks and roll-ons. While the deodorant sprays do not leave any residue, the deodorant sticks or roll ons may leave some residue depending on their chemical composition. In some cases, the zinc in the stick or roll may leave some white clumps, while in other cases, some powder used may result in clump formation. So if you use the deodorant stick regularly and wish to prevent clump formation, it is advisable to check the composition of the deodorant stick.

Another reason why the deodorant applied is clumping is that the user has applied too much of the deodorant, resulting in excess deodorant forming clumps. Ideally, only a thin layer of deodorant should be applied to the skin to hide the body odor with fragrances. This skin can only absorb a certain amount of deodorant, if a large amount of deodorant is applied, the rest of the deodorant will remain on the top layer of the skin which may be noticeable or get transferred to the clothes and accessories. Hence it is advisable to apply less deodorant, to prevent clump formation and also ensure that deodorant can be used for a longer time, since no deodorant is wasted.

When the deodorant is applied to the skin, it will take some time to be absorbed by the skin. If the user does not allow the deodorant to dry and wears clothes and accessories, some clumps will be formed. So it is advisable to apply the deodorant immediately after taking bath, and apply it only once a day. Individuals who want to prevent deodorant clumps should purchase premium deodorants which are made from special ingredients like invisible solids to prevent clumping.

Goa assistant professor Gouri Achari killed by personal trainer

The media reported that an assistant professor in a government college, khandola, gauri achari was killed by her personal trainer,Bidre when she tried to terminate her relationship. Due to the fitness fad, many people are looking for a personal trainer, and gauri achari found bidre online
Yet for many online searches, it is difficult to carry out a detailed background check
It is not known what was the exact relationship, yet after a few months, the 36 year old professor wanted to move on.
Bidre was originally from Mumbai and had moved to goa during the pandemic
So the fitness fad proved fatal for gouri . There are other cases where women are duped by their personal trainer

Singer KK dies of cardiac arrest after a performance in Kolkatta

The popular singer KK , Krishnakumar K died of a cardiac arrest after a performance in Kolkatta at the age of 53
The sudden death got a lot of media coverage,since he had no prior health problem
Initially foul play was suspected, later it was confirmed that he had a heart attack due to blocked arteries
Though he was suffering from pain, he had taken antacids, he did not have a proper medical checkup
Performing as an artist is fairly stressful, especially if the performer is visiting multiple cities

Domestic abuse has adversely affected the appearance of Amber Heard, leading to weight gain


The defamation case of Amber Heard against her ex-husband Johnny Depp who she accused of abuse is being widely covered in the media worldwide. While the allegations of abuse are being reported extensively, one of the best indications of whether a woman is in a abusive relationship is the appearance of the woman, since most women who are abused, find that it adversely affects their appearance and it leads to weight gain.
Women who are pampered and have happy relationships usually look better than when they were alone, while women who are sexually harassed, mentally tortured, find that the stress is reflected on their face and they gain weight.
Being an actress, there are many photos of Amber Heard available from 2015 where she was significantly slimmer,often looking extremely beautiful, and in 2022, she has gained weight, looks different.
This shows that abuse in addition to causing mental trauma, destroying the career, it also leads to weight gain.
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Victims of government SLAVERY, FINANCIAL FRAUD in the indian internet sector have no time to exercise

Indian tech and internet companies allegedly led by google, tata are ruthless in the financial fraud on older single woman engineers, domain investors, bribing the government to make fake claims about domain ownership, online income, causing great financial losses and denying the single woman a life of dignity.
If the hardworking single woman will keep quiet, the fraud will only worsen, so the single woman is forced to spend many hours daily for 7-8 years fighting the financial fraud of the shameless greedy liar indian tech and internet companies
This leaves the victim of government SLAVERY, FINANCIAL FRAUD with very little free time, due to which she has no time to exercise, or take care of herself