NTRO should check the mental health of their employees

Airlines are periodically checking the mental health of their employees, especially pilots, because a person who is mentally unsound can cause the loss of life and expensive aircrafts. However the indian government does not order any mental health checkup senior NTRO officials like J srinivasan who control the expensive equipment and have great powers which can affect the security and worldwide reputation of the country.
Any impartial observer can notice that j srinivasan is blinded by his infatuation with slim goan obc bhandari sex worker R&AW employee sunaina and it has adversely affected his judgement and mental health. Instead of honestly admitting his mistake, that his infatuation for the mediocre sunaina, had led him to overestimate her , make fake claims, and get the matter resolved, he is trying to ruin the reputation of his perfectly normal btech 1993 EE classmate whoses resume he has stolen for sunaina, passing disparaging remarks whenever when the news of the sunaina sex fraud will be exposed.

NTRO mental health counsellers should tell J srinivasan to be realistic, that his beloved sunaina is an extremely lazy mediocre young woman who is risk averse and will not be interested in investing in expensive domain names which may make a loss. Most people who are investing a large amount have spent many years reading and studying the market, demand for domain names and take a calculated risk. A person who has not invested a single penny is unlikely to be interested. Engineers who have studied in top engineering colleges are much better professionally than mediocre graduates from small town colleges like sunaina, when will ntro realize this.

After more than 6 years, j srinivasan continues to be completely blind to the many flaws in his darling sunaina , and it appears that no one in NTRO has the courage or honesty to point them out to the senior ntro official j srinivasan . For the welfare of the country and other indian citizens, it is time that ntro does a serious review of the mental health, professional integrity of their employees who may abuse their powers for personal gain or hatred