Criminal fraud animal like NTRO officials continue their radiation torture to cause great pain

On 26 August 2016 at around 9.15 am, the cruel animal like criminal ntro officials allegedly on the payroll of pathological liar fraud google, tata officials again attacked the obc single woman engineer, domain investor whose impressive resume they have stolen for google, tata sponsored GOAN SEX WORKER, CHEATER HOUSEWIVES and other fraud R&AW/CBI/indian intelligence employees.
The radiation levels in the room in panaji,goa are so high causing pain , due to the directed energy weapons used by these cruel criminal NTRO officials that it is impossible for the domain investor to sit in the room.
It is clearly abuse of power by cruel criminal ntro officials who are attacking a harmless civilian at home, and will never have the courage or honesty to defend their crime on a harmless citizen in an open debate