Internet usage only affects health of small business owners

Increasingly it appears that powerful officials are openly discriminating against small online business owners and domain investors, falsely claiming that they are addicted to the internet , and need medical attention when salaried employees use the internet far more and the health of these salaried employees is never questioned,.
The officials are clearly abusing their discretionary powers to defame, cheat and exploit domain investors, small business owners for their personal gain or hatred, making fake allegations about their health because they are vulnerable and lack a support network.
Compared to harmless domain investors who use the internet for checking mail, contacting customers, uploading, downloading files or selling because they have invested a large amount online, most salaried individuals are using the internet far more extensively and do not face any harassment .
Some examples of the salaried employees internet usage
– social media posting
– checking news
– internet banking
– financial investing
– whatsapp, chat
On the other hand, terrified by the voice to skull torture, domain investors are extremely careful while using the internet, doing transactions offline to the extent possible, Can the officials questioning the “health” explain the blatant double standards in discriminating against online business owners while salaried employees are allowed to use the internet far more without being questioned.