CBI role model employee housewife naina allegedly involved in female foeticide

Though the eight standard pass gujju housewife naina has only studied till eight standard, the indian intelligence and security agencies especially in goa consider her to be a role model, spreading false rumors that she is a domain investor, paypal account holder and an engineer, to waste indian tax payer money paying her a monthly CBI salary.
The gujju housewife naina is the mother of two sons and is very aware of the fact that indian security and intelligence agency officials consider women to be unwanted and are allowed to waste a huge amount of indian tax payer money in stalking, defaming, torturing, cheating and exploiting harmless single women

She openly declared to a single woman engineer, that the security agency officials would not allow her to live alone, because she was a single woman, and she and her family would not face any harassment, because she has two sons. She clearly expressed the fact that in indian society, especially in goa in 2016, girls are unwanted, and naina allegedly may have been involved in female foeticide to ensure that she only had two sons , no daughters

On one hand the indian government has launched beti padao beti bachao campaign, on the other hand, it considers a woman who is involved in foeticide to be a role model and pays a monthly salary, for faking her resume, investment