Another night of radiation torture for the google competitor for exposing extra marital affair

In addition to stealing the resume, savings, correspondence, memory, the google competitor is also ruthlessly tortured causing great pain, insomnia, disturbed sleep at night in Panaji, Goa
On the night of 14 April 2018, the google competitor was again tortured using radiation weapons causing great pain, and was unable to sleep at night , making her feel very unwell the next day.
The ntro, security agency dofficials who are involved in the torture are falsely claiming that she is a security threat, when in reality they are only covering up their extra marital affairs with goan call girls, cheater housewives like those shown the Colors serial Bepanah

This has forced the google competitor, domain investor to waste more time and money, to force the indian and goan government to recognize the extra marital affairs, sex, bribery racket, instead of blindly believing the fake claims of security threat without any legally valid proof.