I Have Been Working on the House

May 15, 2018


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I have had this place for a couple of years and it took me a great deal of time and work, along with a nice pile of money, to get it as nice as it is now. Of course I am not done and there are still things that need to be done. I just started looking into a nice home security system, looking at sites like homesecurity911.com on the web and trying to figure out how much of it I can do on my own. The truth is that you can buy all of the stuff that you need and if you are willing to do the homework, then it is not really that hard to figure out how to install it yourself. The thing you have to pay for is the people who monitor it. I suppose that if an alarm goes off it is likely going to scare off the thieves, but it might not. I would assume that someone had alerted the police, but that does not mean the thief would. At any rate you need that and it is going to involve a monthly service fee, which seems to run around thirty bucks a month.

There is not much limit to what you can do and in the future it seems like you may be able to turn your house into something akin to a sentient being, it would be able to monitor everything go on all around the house and keep track of all the systems in the house. Obviously you do not have a break in every day, but you have to keep the place warm in the winter and cool in the summer. So a smart house would make sure to do that only when it is really needed, when you are there to know.