Most young people in goa prefer to exercise in gyms

In goa, it is observed that most people, especially well off young people are not interested in doing any physical work themselves in the garden or home, they prefer to hire servants to do so.
However to get the required exercise they will spend a lot of time and money at the gym, which is more fashionable.
One of the advantages of walking or using a bus , is that it easier to observe people and other activities without worrying about the rickshaw driver
At 5 pm, it was observed that a fitness studio which is facing the main road in panaji, was almost full, with at least 7-8 people exercising on the treadmill.
On another day, at around 8 am, there was some activity in the gym, and at least 3-4 people were exercising at the treadmill.
This clearly indicates that most people will conform to the latest trend , instead of doing housework to lose weight