Water Jetting Fixed the Drain Clogs Quickly

July 8, 2021


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I had a pretty severe blockage in my drain pipes at home. I contacted the water company, thinking they would send someone out to fix it. They told me that because it was my own drain pipe, it was my responsibility. I had no problem with that, but I still thought they could help me. They suggested I contact a plumbing company that does water jetting in Hudson County. The woman I spoke with highly recommended one in particular, so I gave them a call. I explained that I had a clog that would not resolve itself, no matter what I did.

They were able to come out the same day because of the clogging issue, and they did a quick assessment of what was wrong. They had a camera that they were able to snake into the drain pipe, and that is how they saw all the debris that was in there. They suggested water jetting, but I had no idea what that even meant. They explained that they would shoot a stream of water into the pipes. The stream is so powerful that it can cut through things such as concrete and trees too!

I was doubtful until he told me that. He likened the water stream to a laser, and I knew that this was definitely the best way to go with this. Another reason I wanted to go with this option of water jetting is because water is the only thing that would be used. I had already used chemicals that I rarely use, and I was glad when they told me they would not have to use any chemicals either. They did the water jetting, and the clog was undone very quickly. I am so glad that this was taken care of in such an easy way!