Tips for using a treadmill

February 4, 2018


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Many people prefer to use a treadmill as they exercise conveniently in comfort and safety for losing weight and remaining fit. However the results vary and these Treadmill tips can help a person maximize the weight he or she will lose exercising on the treadmill and also prevent injuries.
It is highly recommended that a person should spend some time warming up before using the treadmill, walking or jogging at a low speed for at least five minutes as their body gets used to the exercise.
The treadmill should be set at a slight incline of one to two percentage as this will simulate the wind resistance which is present outdooors, and will not cause any impact and other injuries .
The treadmill user should focus on increasing the stride count, as a greater number of strides leads to greater exercise for the body.
As running on the treadmill can be boring it is recommended that the person should listen to music, watch television or do some other activity .
The treadmill user should not lean forward, and should not hold the handrails and console while exercising