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Risk of using treadmills

June 18, 2016


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One of the most popular and widely advertised methods of exercising remains using treadmills. Most gyms and fitness centres will show members exercising on a treadmill to lose weight and become fit.
However in addition to being expensive, there are some risks involved in purchasing and using a treadmill which few are aware of.
A treadmill is a mechanical device, and there is always a possibility of a mechanical failure because a component will fail due to poor quality, design or lack of maintenance.
This can be dangerous for the user of the treadmill and in some cases fatal.
The death of the CEO of SurveyMonkey David Goldberg is one instance, where a person met with a fatal accident while exercising on a treadmill. He was exercising alone when he met with an accident and the delay in getting medical attention proved to be fatal.

Sports injuries make it difficult for older persons to exercise

May 17, 2016


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Though vigorous exercises like aerobics and jumping or skipping rope will boost the metabolic rate and use up a lot of calories, there are some risks involved in exercising, especially for middle aged people and senior citizens . If the body is not used to exercising regularly, the person will be more likely to suffer from sports injuries causing torn ligaments, muscles and in some cases fractures.
While young people recover quickly from their sports injuries, it will take a lot of time, for the body of senior citizens and older people to repair itself, so that the person is painfree.
Hence it is advisable to do only stretching and other low impact exercises where the risk of injuries is less

Being slim is not fit

April 17, 2016


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Powerful officials falsely claim that slim people are fit , to justify giving them a large number of opportunities, while denying others the opportunities they deserve. The weight of a person depends to a large extent on age, lifestyle and hereditary factors.
Most people are very slim when they are young, especially in their twenties and teens due to the higher metabolic levels.
Fitness levels are related to whether a person is likely to fall ill, requires medication and medical attention. There are many slim people who require medicines and visit a doctor regularly.
The body structure of an individual also determines whether a person will be slim looking or not, and again it does not mean that a slim person is fit.